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Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3 / X-10 v3 / X-PSU v3 triple Tube DAC with 2X Revelation Silver cables [Expired]

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Item Description

Thanks for looking. This is your chance to own a mint and low hours Stereophile Class A rated and recommended DAC from legendary British boutique Musical Fidelity with many upgrades to push its performance to its limit. Rest assured that this triple will add warmth and analogue-like organic traits to your listening room.

The X-10v3 buffer applies the tube magic to bring out the midrange many crave. The X-PSUv3 keeps electromagnetic interference from the transformer and power supply circuitry away from the audio signals in the DAC. The two Revelation Audio Labs Passage Cryo-Silver Reference umbilical power cables complete the story by tightening and digging out further bass response and squeezing the last bit of low-level detail. I have also upgraded the internal wiring with Van Den Hul D-501 Pure Crystal Silver Wires.

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Future proof:  
X-DAC v3 upsamples to 24-bit/192kHz which is ready for high-rez audio formats. 

Top-notch performance: still one of best-measuring DACs, regardless of price.

Clean and dark: music seemed to emerge from a more silent background with great dynamic range.

Tight and accurate bass: bass is well extended and defined — actually very powerful and confident.

You may email me anytime at and I check my email fairly often. Shipping and PayPal extra. I will sell the triple threat for $899 and the two silver power cables for $300.