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Kef Reference 101 [Expired]

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I have for sale a pair of Kef Reference 101 monitors in a oak finish. They are in decent shape for their age w/drivers in great condition and cabinets showing well. They have had a few of the nicks filled in and scratches touched up with a wood finish touch up marker. The grills are in great condition and both the speakers have the Kef logos on them as well. For those that are knowledgable these have the same drivers as the ls 3/5's and the cabinets are similiar in size as well. Please review these to get answers on questions as they were and are still a highly reviewed mini monitor. These are the version that take bare wire as they have some type of spring clip system in the bottom rear of the speaker I will include adaptors to use banana plugs.

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from KEF:
Although KEF has produced a number of 2-way loudspeakers with the B110/T27 combination - Cresta (1967), KEFKIT4 (1969), Cresta II (1970), Coda (1971), CS1/CS1A (1981) - the closest KEF came to making a direct competitor to the LS3/5A was in 1979 with the introduction of the Reference 101. This system used the T27 (SP1032) with the B110B (SP1057) in a 6.7 Litre enclosure with a crossover of similar complexity to the LS3/5A and the inclusion of S-Stop protection circuitry. The Reference 101 benefited from the advanced measurement and analysis infrastructure that KEF had developed throughout the 1970s.onitor.