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Mogami XLR 1 meter - Studio Standard Interconnect [Expired]

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Mogami is the recording studio standard for interconnect cables. The music you love was probably recorded with this cable. We use the latest professional quality Neutrik connectors with black shell and gold contacts. Ask about other lengths and custom terminations, including XLR-to-RCA and XLR-to-TRS.

I have shipped hundreds of pairs to demanding audiophiles all over the world (except Antarctica - so far!) and have developed special construction techniques that make these particular cables unique. Different part numbers are used for balanced and unbalanced cables. They are NOT interchangeable! I have tried many, many well known and highly regarded cables. The Mogami cables are dead neutral and high resolution. Even more importantly, these cables offer you the same neutrality on a very wide range of components, which is quite rare in the marketplace of interconnects. They provide a true reference that you can reliably use to evaluate other components or build a system. They are a reference cable on 10Audio.

"Parts is parts". NOT TRUE! We use the optimum combination of cable, solder, cable prep, and soldering temperature to offer the best performance available from these cables. We can honestly say that if it is assembled differently, it will not sound as good!

We don't try to reinvent the wheel and "discover" a new design every few months just to sell you more wire. This Mogami cable was outstanding when it was first designed, is still outstanding today, and it will be outstanding in the future when other models have disappeared as "obsolete". With this cable, you are investing in the future, not the past.

Real quotes from real owners:
"I have to tell you how happy I am with the 1 metre single ended cable i bought a few weeks ago. It's surpassed my expectations fairly quickly, despite my usual skepticism (deserved i think when you read some manufacturers claims). I have been using Kimber Hero and Silver Streak which did improve my system. Of that there is no doubt but at price from double to triple your leads and they are seen to be on the budget end of the spectrum. I am considering slowly selling off my selection and replacing them with your leads."

"Let me be less conservative in my assessment of the Mogami cables. They sound better than just fine. The Mogami cables sound incredible in my system. They're smooth, transparent, with great detail retrieval, and they won't break the bank! In terms of "budget" cables, I like the Mogami better than my DH Labs Air Matrix or Revelation and the Mogami cost significantly less. In the world of high-end cables, I like the Mogami as much as my silver Kimber KCAG but I can barely afford 1-meter of this stuff while I can buy as much Mogami as I can possibly need. That 6.0 meter run that I have is working wonders in my system and I should mention that the Mogami are easy to work with as it is not stiff or overly fat like some other cables."

"As you said in the ad, dead neutral and high resolution. These are the real deal."

"I'm totally loving the 5 meter XLR cables you made me. They blow away the Audioquest Cheetah's I was using before."

"The Mogamis are embarrassingly good for the money, it's hard to justify spending more on cabling. I would say they're 98-99% of the best cables I've heard."

"It has taken me two days of testing to determine that these interconnects perform every bit as good as my high end cables. They are not the least bit inferior."

"They are exactly as your words in your ad. They are the real deal. I put a record on, in about a 1/2 step the music flowed, and I stopped in my tracks. They are what I've been searching for all along."

Mogami from 10 Audio: "WHEN YOU KNOW!

**HOT NEWS: HDTracks uses Mogami cables!

**HOT NEWS 2: We are now RoHS compliant!


Ask about other lengths and custom terminations. Speaker Cables: Available now!

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