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Modwright PS 36.5 DM ref 2 chasis bal pre slashed! [Expired]

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Item Description

Modwright LS 36.5 DM Balanced Tube Linestage Pre Amplifier with External Dual Mono Tube P/S deluxe model with PS-36.5 line stage & LS 36.5 power supply.

Two Chassis Cost no object design with remote for volume, mute and phase.

This in one of the best deals on a Reference Quality pre amp on Audiogon and represents a incredible value.


In excellent condition 8+ out of 10 with less than 100 hours comes in factory boxes.

Top Sound, Quality and Features.


* One set of XLR balanced inputs.

* Four sets of RCA inputs.

* Two sets of RCA main outputs.

* One set of RCA tape outputs.

* One set of XLR balanced outputs.

* Front panel controls include: Power, Input select and mute, Phase, Home Theatre Bypass, and volume control.

* Custom MWI remote control for volume, phase and mute


* Tube compliment: (2) 6H30 Russian Super Tubes
* Tube rectified power supply
* Gain: ~12db
* Input impedeance: 50 Kohm
* Output Impedance: 110 ohm
* Frequency Response 20Hz - 100Khz +/-1dB
* Noise Level: -125dB
* Choke loaded power supply
* Discrete Constant Current Sourced B+ regulators
* DC heaters
* Gain Stage: Pure Class A, cathode bias "Mu" gain/buffer stage w/ zero feedback
* Power Sequence: Mute delay turn on with soft start for improved tube life
* Volume Control: Remote control Alps motorized volume control
* Dimensions: 17.5"W x 12.5"D x 4.75"H
* Weight: 34 lbs pre & approximately 35 pounds for the power supply.


"The SWL 9.0 modeled itself closely on high-resolution transistor sound, i.e. neutral down the middle. The LS-36.5 stays the course but digs deep into the space drawer of dimensionality and layering where tubes hold the aces. It's really amazing how far Dan Wright has come in a short time as a manufacturer. At its price, the LS-36.5 is a very strong statement to make both its designer and future owners proud."
- Srajan Ebaen, (read the review linked below)

"Insofar as system matching goes, the ModWright 36.5bwould be a terrific choice for 99% of digital & solid-state systems that are in need of musicality to facilitate long term listening satisfaction. And surprisingly, the Modwright 36.5 also told me about faults that I never knew existed in gear that is much more expensive than it is; that, my dear reader, is what this reviewer calls "wildly exceeding expectations". Musically satisfying in all the ways that serve the music, the ModWright 36.5 is a dandy of a preamp."
- Ryan Coleman,

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