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Harbeth P3ESR speakers, excellent, see pics [Expired]

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Harbeth P3ESR monitor speakers in the cherry finish, in excellent condition sonically and cosmetically. These are the limited run “Special Edition” model with higher quality inner wiring. The speaker grilles are included.

In his review in the August 2010 issue of Stereophile, John Atkinson concludes, "I love the Harbeth P3ESR. I think it's the best iteration yet from any manufacturer of the BBC LS3/5A minimonitor concept."

I agree – I’ve tried many small monitor speakers (from Spendor, Dynaudio, Quad, Epos, Vienna Acoustics), and these are the best little boxes I’ve heard. I’ve also owned the predecessor to the P3ESR, Harbeth’s HLP3ES2, and I’m amazed at the improvements that Harbeth has made in the new model. The sound is richer, more transparent, more detailed (but no edge or glare), greater soundstage depth, better defined bass, and in general closer to the sound of real instruments.

I used these in a small listening room, but I recently moved and now my system is in a much bigger room, so I bought a pair of bigger Harbeths better suited to the big space. I’ve held onto these P3s because they’re so amazing that it’s hard to part with them, but I can’t justify keeping them to play background-level music in my office setup.

I am the original owner. I bought the speakers from an authorized dealer (David Michael Audio) in April 2011. Current US retail price of the P3ESR in cherry is up to $2095.

I have the original box and papers, and I’ll double box for shipping. PayPal is preferred, with no extra fee at the asking price. US-48 sales only, please. Preference to Audiogon members with a record of positive feedback.