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Gemme Speakers Tonic G3 Incredible Value! [Expired]

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The new Series 2 of the Gemme Tonic series is incredible value. Magnetic grills, Peerless drivers, minimalist 1st order crossover that works so well with the chosen drivers and cabinet.Made in Canada, real wood walnut veneer... *** $425 *** oh, and they sound good too! 631-848-7455 Long Island, NY. The review in the link is of the G5 model, same sound as the G3 with a bit more bass in a lovely compact floorstander. There is a G7 model as well. Full Gemme speaker line available. G3 playing here now... this little speaker disappears, has a natural, lively sound.. no cheap thin bright sound here at all.. surprising speaker... no it won't play super loud in a big room or do real low bass.. what it does do is have a real good level of natural unetched sounding...nice! Have a small to medium sized room and some nice gear... want a good lookin, fine playing speaker? Enjoy the Gemme Tonic.--call 631-848-7455 to set up an audition. Another review with many pics: copy and paste-
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