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Clearwave Speakers Minuet M72 seas,scanspeak-refinement! [Expired]

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Item Description

A high quality, affordable boutique floor stander from Clearwave speakers. Unusual sonic refinement and build quality in this price range and above. Call 631-848-7455 to go over these fine speakers, as well as a synergistic system for them. This pair pictured is built, tested, and ready to ship!
Do your speakers compress and sound a bit painful on Piano? These sail through piano like a speaker multiples the cost. Full bodied soulful sound. Incredible sound stage depth and layering. The unique crossover design by the talented Jed Kunz,
owner/designer of Clearwave speakers, allows this speaker to disappear leaving a vista of sound. USA made, incredible cabinet quality. Full range, efficient, fine looking, room, wife and amp friendly. Call for info and to set up an audition. This pair shown is available now, Maple lacquer finish.

Frequency Response: 38hz-20,000hz +/- 2.5 db (Measurements)
Impedance: 4 ohms
Sensitivity: 89db 2.83v/meter
Bass Alignment: Bass Reflex
Dimensions: 38"H, 9"W, 14"D
Weight: 60 lbs each
Drivers: Scan Speak D2608/9130 "HDS", Seas W18NX Excel
Crossovers: Clarity Caps, Mundorf resistors, air core inductors
Grills: Included (magnetic)

Authorized lines: Clearwave speakers, Ayon, Art Audio,
B.M.C. electronics, Acoustic Zen, Audio Space, Gemme, Sonist
HIFIMAN line-HE-6, Burson, Wyred 4 Sound, Solidsteel, Basso, and more...
Website: 631-848-7455 Long island, NY