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  • McIntosh MX-151 Home Theater Processor Mint!
    McIntosh MX-151 Home Theater Processor Mint!
    Processors ·  · audio_craze · $7,900.00

    The McIntosh MX151 has been my pride and joy in my personal home theater for nearly a year now. I can say without hesitation that this has been the best sounding and my absolute favorite processor I've owned. Period! What makes this processor unique above all others is a very special room correction system by Lyngdorf called Room Perfect. The only other processor in the...

  • Totem Acoustics Tribe 1
    Totem Acoustics Tribe 1
    Processors ·  · cooltuba · $2,200.00

    home theater system 2 wall speakers, subwoofer w/amplifier

  • Classe CT-SSP Processor
    Classe CT-SSP Processor
    Processors ·  · zolasson · $5,585.00

    There is a growing consensus among home theater enthusiasts and critics that the Classe SSP-800 is the world's ultimate surround sound processor.... For 2 channel music audio files describe Classe SSP-800 using one word, "Fidelity" The CT SSP-uses exactly the same circuitry as SSP-800 and identical features. Unit purchased new from authorized dealer. Sale invoice provided...

  • Bryston SP-2 Stereophile Class A pre-pro
    Bryston SP-2 Stereophile Class A pre-pro
    Processors ·  · cjwessing · $1,499.00

    For Sale: Excellent condition Bryston SP-2 preamp/processor in black with original box and remote. Stereophile Class A rated product. The Bryston SP2 is a contender for audiophiles who want the best of both worlds: a topflight analog preamp and a modern, flexible digital processor. For $4995 (MSRP) you get both, plus an outstanding stereo D/A converter. For performance and...

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